Binx and Nala
Hi, there! Welcome to our blog. Nala and Binx are so glad you’re here.

This site is focused on giving you a bit of kitty humor, fun and adventures. We will share with you updates as they grow, learn, and cause mayhem.

Feel free to drop us a line to ask questions, give us feedback or just to talk. We love hearing from readers!

MEOW, baby.

nalaIntroducing Nala!

Older sister to Binx. Larger and more solid. Very intelligent, friendly and inquisitive, and we just love the way she walks, runs and chases. She is a brown spotted tabby (leopard spotted) on warm light gold tones with a light/white spotted belly. She has a perfect Bengal head with wide puffy whisker pads. She takes her big sister roll seriously.

BinxIntroducing Binx!

Little sister to Nala. Depends on her big sister for a paw/hand. Daring, cuddly and playful. We love the “puss in boots” look when she stares. She is black spotted with rosettes on tan. She has beautiful eyes set in a smallish wild feline looking head. She is progressing and developing into a very beautiful young cat.


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