Visit to the Vet

It was Nala and Binx’s first visit officially to the vet. Vaccinations and Deworming. They were curious and turned on the computer for the vet while we were waiting. It was too hard to watch the vaccinations so we waited out in the waiting area. It was a distraction for the girls as well for us to be standing there too. Binx was a bit difficult with her squirming and not letting the vet to his thing. She had to be held and she let out some crys I tell ya. It hurt to hear her be unhappy. Nala was a lot more cooperative and she let out a soft cry. They got a clean bill of health and they were really tired after that stressful examination. They slept most of the afternoon and evening. They were pretty groggy. Poor girls.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


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