Hello, everyone.

We are proud servants of 2 Bengal kittens. I’ve been thoroughly fascinated with the breed for many years but didn’t really think I’d ever have one of my own. I have owned a few cats over my lifetime and I have to say my tuxedo cat is by far one of the smartest ones I have had myself(until now). She can fetch like dogs do, sit on command and stay. Hunt for someone to feed her and then guide them down the hall. And to top it off she understands your moods. Blackie is 9 year old who is a bundle of joy and a one of a kind cat.

We are happy to have introduced 2 Bengals kittens to our home.

I will say, looking back, it took months to decide on having another kitten as an addition. It’s a big commitment. But finally caved to this idea.

There is nothing like the anticipation of a new kitten. On June 22, 2013, it was to be different. We were expecting 2, 9 week old Bengal kittens.
We got their safe zone ready and waited in anticipation for their arrival. Now, we have to decide on names.

This is Blackie, the Tuxedo Cat!



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